Eva High-Density Foam

Eva High and Ultra High-Density Foam 110-190 kg/m³ Density foams 2 to 12mm thickness. These foams are smooth and dense and can be used for Cosplay, such as armors, weapons, or scenery. You will be able to create unique pieces in sculpting with the Dremel tool and thermoformed with a heat gun. These foams can be cut easily with a utility knife.

Eva Ultra High -Density Foam, 110-190 kg/m³ Density foams 20 to 40 mm thickness. These foams are smooth and very dense. It can be used for footwear platforms, soundproofing, and flooring. Due to its thickness, the cutting of these foams requires Circular Saw Machine.

Eva Low-Density Foam
85-90kg/m³ Density foams 2 to 6mm thickness “craft foams” – Use this foam for your armor or your costumes in fabric. This thin and smooth, low-density foam is most useful to make edges and detailed work.
EVA Sheets are fun for both kids and adults alike to use in a variety of crafting projects such as school crafts, Ornaments, Fofuchas, Goma, Cosplay, and much more!

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