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Performance and application of EVA materials

EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly material, a product of foam, and also known as EVA sponge. EVA product manufacturers will introduce to you the properties and uses of eva materials today. EVA foam can also be produced in the required colors according to customer requirements, divided into A material, B material, C …

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What is TPE Yoga Mat?

TPE yoga mat is made from high quality TPE materials, it’s eco-friendly and without smell, the material is with good rebound resilience and anti-slip property, can protect your body very good when are doing yoga and other exercise on it. Product name  TPE Yoga Mat 4-10mm Material TPE Technology  One time expanding/cooking/foaming Type  High density Certificate …

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Why Choose 2-60mm Eva Foam Sheet from us?

EVA produces flexible foam. EVA is a polymer that is similar to an elastomer because it can be made to be soft and flexible. That’s the origin of the term flexible foam. This means that when soft EVA is manufactured, the resulting foam will also be even softer and pliable, allowing the production of varied …

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Features of Our EVA Foam Sheet

Our High Density EVA foam sheet is more durable than paper and easier to cut than felt.Each foam sheet pack comes in an even assortment of red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and green.  Features of Our EVA Foam Sheet: Impact and vibration absorption Weather and chemical resistance including splash resistance to oils and fuels Acoustic and thermal insulation properties Suitable for thermo-forming and …

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EVA Anti-skid Pad

EVA anti-slip pad: EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate (vinyl acetate) copolymer, which is ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA) copolymerization, the English name: EthyleneVinylacetate, referred to as EVA, orE / VAC. General vinyl acetate (VA) content of 5% to 40%.Chinese anti-slip mat EVAAdvantages: less odor less weightRole: surfing used for anti-slip anti-vibration wear padEnglish name of …

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Characteristics of EVA Foam and Its Application

EVA rubber foam is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic foam materials. EVA rubber foam material has good cushioning, seismic, thermal insulation, moisture, chemical corrosion and other advantages, and non-toxic, non-absorbent. EVA rubber foam designed to be processed by forming, the shock performance is better than polystyrene (foam) and other traditional foam materials, and …

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EVA Material Introduction

1. EVA products: EVA pad, EVA foam, EVA gasket, EVA sponge, Pads. 2. Insulation products: PVC film, PVC gasket, PC lens, PVC-type, meson gaskets, Chinese Secretary gaskets, kraft paper, the Green Paper shells, PVC film, PVC film, PVC pads, Wait. 3. Stickers products: 3M stickers, 3M double-sided stickers, strong double-sided adhesive, Velcro, sponge rubber, silicone stickers, 3M pads, TESA, on the East, …

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What is EVA material?

In fact, eve material in our daily life often appear, but we often ignore it, or we only know it made of finished products, but ignores the finished product is made of material, because people’s instinct to ignore, so eva material Become a strange name in the crowd, the following Xiaobian come to answer for …

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An important application of EVA—Yoga Mat

Yoga mats, yoga is spread when the mat below, the type of yoga mats are generally divided into TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex mats, CBR cushions. Yoga mat surface grains, full of bubbles, soft, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip, resilience, and has a strong anti-tearing capability is ideal for yoga practitioners. In addition, yoga mat …

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EVA has flexibility, toughness features

Ethylene vinyl acetate (also known as EVA) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The weight percent vinyl acetate usually varies from 10 to 40%, with the remainder being ethylene. It is a polymer that approaches elastomeric materials in softness and flexibility, yet can be processed like other thermoplastics. The material has good clarity …

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